Background and Abstract of the Project


World is on the cusp of a revolution about new possibilities in AI and Machine Learning. Deep Learning is being used to solve many critical healthcare related issues apart from other important areas that impact society.
India has aspiring young students in thousands of educational institutions in the country. Due to lack of quality faculty and curriculum design issues many of these students are not able to get access to latest skill sets required by the industry. 2-Tier and 3-Tier Institutions are also looking for hand holding to get started in the latest areas of research and to work with industry in their area.
Industry all over the world is facing huge scarcity of trained manpower in machine intelligence. Companies working in autonomous vehicular industry, Advanced data science, image processing, Video analytics are short of talent. The whole spectrum of applications important for our planet are waiting for new innovations and ideas due to this newly found potential around deep learning. The project will help bring India to a prominent place in the field of AI manpower and research.
Importance of the technology in Higher education has been beautifully summarized in the following blogs influence of machine learning in engineering education   power and simplicity of deep learning technology is great dont get left behind Bennett University (Lead Institution ) is uniquely poised in this domain as it has become the first institution in the country to have a world-class Supercomputing lab with NVIDIA DGX-1 V100 which is the fastest machine made by NVIDIA for Deep Learning. Computer Science Engineering Department of Bennett is privileged to have world class faculty and infrastructure. It also has a very active research group called MISHA (Machine Intelligence for Smart Places and Health Care Applications ). University has agreed to share its resources for the benefit of the nation to different stakeholders of Higher Education. It will in turn help the University to be the leader in AI research in the country. Some Press Coverage related to this


Project will Skill 10000 faculty/professionals of 1000 institutions in India through 10 collaborators 100 Zonal Lead institutions chosen from different Geographic regions of the country. 100 Zonal Lead institutions will also setup a research group, which will be mentored to do short and long-term research in Machine Learning, AI and Deep learning. Start-ups and industry involved in the Artificial Intelligence related work will partner for providing application-inspired ideas and absorbing the trained graduates of these institutions. Outcome of the project will be tangible in terms of quality manpower for the skill-scare industry and strategic partnership between industry-academia apart from few spin-offs due to this initiative.

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