AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida
September 25, 2018 to September 26, 2018

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Nidhi Mishra:

Shreyanshu Shekhar:

Durgesh Kumar Yadav:

Vishal Mishra: Definitely attend the workshop.It will definitely increase their knowledge

Abdul Raheem:

ANIRUDDH GUPTA: Both the trainees are having a good experience

Mohd Monis Khan:

Jahanvi Gupta:

Harshit Tyagi:

Prateek Gupta: You will understand approach towards deep learning

Shashank Agarwal: Overall, I am happy with the workshop. I hope we can work further with them and can have more of such workshops.

Prashant Kumar Bhardwaj: Good

Naman Kapoor: Good

Utkarsh Tyagi: Be interactive

Utkarsh: a few more practical sessions

Chandraket Singh: Nothing

Vishal Maurya: It's good . It help us to understand fundamental concepts of neural networks.

Nikhil Verma: Practical application of neural networks is done very well and it provides very good knowledge

Kshitiz singh:

Deepak jain:

Rajiv Kumar: Good going...everything is pretty well

Shubham Swami: The practical was good

Arqaan Ali: theory concept was awesome

Vikas Patel:

Mohammad Asif Hashmi: It is a good and interesting workshop for those who are interested in AI field

Krishna Mohan Yadav: Overall the practical session was more interesting than thoery session

Ujjwal Singh: Good Energy

Vinayak Pateria:

Shivank Gahlot: a great introductory workshop, any doubts about the starting point towards Deep Learning are clarified. Instructors have great experience and knowledge and will clarify all your doubts

Shefali Jumnani:


Akhil kushwaha: It was good and interesting workshop of those who are interested in AI and DL field.

TUSHARIKA SINGH: I would like to attend it again

Rishabh Shankhwar:

Shubham Shinde :

Sumit Tomar:

Shraddha Agrawal:

Shashank Agrahari:

Nikita Chaudhary:

Utkarsh Gupta:

Samridhi Mishra:

Utkarsh Pandey:

vishal singh: go for it. it's really good.

Reetika sahu:

Yousuf Rashid Uz Zaman:

Sahil Singh: The material provided was good.

Shaurya jain : It's a nice platform to learn something new

Somesh uniyal: Try to be more interactive

Vikrant Gupta: Just knowing how it is to be interactive.

Shivam Tyagi: all good

Akansha: It was a good experience , and I want our college to organise more workshops like this

Titiksha singhal: It is really helpful

Shubhangi Singh:

Prashant kumar: The knowledge of teaching was good

Himanshi Agrawal: Workshop was successful in clearing our various doubts and differences in technology like ML, AI and deep learning.

Megha Saini:

Sudhanshu Gupta:

Pradyumn Katre:

Vishal Singh:

Nitant Kumar Chaudhary:

Palak Agarwal:

Abhishek kumar singh:

Yashi Raj: i'll definitely attend it in future too

Shivam Jaiswal:

Shubham Chaudhary:

Iftisham anjum :

Gauri Mishra :

Tapan Yadav:

Vanshika Tyagi: It is quite beneficial to attend it

Tushar Mehrotra: it is quiet beneficial

Ayush Aggarwal: "My good words will be ""Don't Participate please"" "

Abhinav Tripathi:

Gurpreet chawla: ..

Riya Tyagi:

Shivdutt Vishwakarma: If i will have enough basic knowledge, i will surely attend the workshop. Else I will not.

Priya Tiwari:

Prakhar Chandra:

Shreya Agarwal: It was next to good and Interesting too

Harsha chaudhary: Never learn Deep learning from them.

Ayush Mohan Verma: Nothing

Vashisht Mattoo:

NAMAN GUPTA: I would be glad and eager to attend

Durgesh kumar yadav:

Nikita Sharma:

Paridhi Baliyan:

Sonil Rastogi:

Ankit Kumar:

Sukriti Srivastava:

Anam Khan: Nothing

Ankita : Have more of it

Vivek Anil Pandey:


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