Wider and Specific Impact

Wider Impact

The Project has inbuilt ingredients for engaging wider engineering community including people from professional Organizations, Industry and Consultant Networks. There is an immediate need to expand the number of people who can innovate and sustain the ongoing revolution in Artificial Intelligence Applications. This can be achieved if there are more institutions who are willing to adopt the new skills into their ecosystem and produce more trained professionals. Along with this they should usher into new age research which will help to bring a buoyancy into their overall motivation and confidence to bring more quality and progressive practices for a systemic change. This will also bring the partnering Institutions to interact with each other and make broader groups to handle the pressing problems in this domain. The flow of knowledge, innovation and skills will be both ways involving the Engineering Community and academic institutions. Public will be benefitted as many of them will be the stakeholders in these activities and will be benefitted indirectly. The trained individuals will get good jobs and will bring benefits to their families and the wider community. The applications that may get developed through the inputs from the Research Groups will be of great relevance for the public. It will also help in bringing an incremental change in the Indian economy in the medium and long term. Initiative actively looking for experts who can help in skilling and mentoring these institutions.

Impact on the Associates depending on type of association

  • Institutions will feel privileged to contribute in the progress of the higher education system of the nation.
  • Institutions will be poised to occupy the leadership position in the Machine Learning Research in the region based on the type of association.
  • Department and Institutions will be able to create a sustainable network of stakeholders who can be further energized for different initiatives.
  • It will help to bring out quality publications, Thesis and other artefacts of Research.
  • It will help them to further apply for additional funding in the advance areas of Research.
  • It will expose the faculty to the different new ideas, innovations and unexplored dimensions.
  • Most important and invaluable contribution will be that It will usher in bringing quality research culture, team thinking, solving real issues.

Impact on Individuals depending on type of association

  • To learn essential machine learning and deep learning technology and improve the skillset to develop powerful AI applications across various domains.
  • To expertise in both technology as well as in problem domain (i.e. domain knowledge)
  • To understand the practical challenges experienced in a typical AI development workspace and learn best practices in building AI applications
  • To grow research network with top deep learning research group of peers around the world
  • To prepare for niche jobs that needs Deep Learning hands on experience and related skillset
  • To publish high quality research papers and patents on state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning research
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