Objectives and Outcomes


  • To make cutting edge skills and supercomputing infrastructure available to the wider community of academicians and researchers through a thoughtfully created network of approximately 10 collaborators and 100 lead institutions across India.
  • To initiate, sustain and nourish research groups in Artificial Intelligence. Based on the additional resource commitments by respective institutions, some of them can grow as a good research center.
  • To motivate the learner community for exploiting the potential of start-ups and innovations in this area and connecting them with the real-life problems of industry.
Overall it will enhance the content, quality, capacity and collaboration of Indian Engineering education ecosystem.


  • 10000 trained people in Artificial Intelligence who in turn will be helping to train around 1000000 Students every year.
  • 100 Research Groups working in different critical areas to solve some of the pressing problems in front of mankind.
  • 10 collaborator and 100 Lead Zonal institutions connected with Industry for live projects and helping their students to better prepare for the industry-required skills.
  • Marked improvement in the quality landscape and skill gap which will result in an overall buoyancy in the Indian higher education system to bring it at par with International standards
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