Robotic Process Automation Workshop

What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Automation Process (RPA) is a technology to automate the structured business processes. With the help of this technology, a user can automate such processes which are repetitive in nature i.e. to extract the invoice number and amount from PDF file, Operational activities in sales, Data extraction etc.

RPA is one of the fastest growing technology and adopted by most of the organization to automate various processes.

Course Objectives

  1. Able to create automated projects using UI Path.
  2. Able to create the workflow using diagram and flowchart.
  3. Able to develop the automated process for different domain.


  1. Computer Concept.
  2. Understanding of Programming Language fundamentals.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1
Introduction Introduction to RPA, Application areas, Benefits and use cases.
Introduction to UIPath Introduction to UI Path, Discussion about user interface, Design of basic workflows and type of workflows.
Sequences Flowchart and sequences.
Managing Variables Discussion about various kind of variables i.e. integer, generic, string and many
Control Flow Different kind of activities i.e. assign, Do-while, if, switch etc.
Recording UI Path supports different types of recording i.e. desktop, and web. In this session we will perform the exercise for recording using UI Path.
Day 2
Data Scraping & Excel automation In this session, there will be a discussion about data scraping using UI Path and Excel Automation.
Email and PDF automation In this session, there will be discussion about Email and PDF automation.
Demonstration and Exam
  • Demonstration of the automated process
  • Case studies in RPA
  • Online Exam

Hardware and software:

  1. Latest laptop having RAM more than 4 GB
  2. UI Studio (