Project title

Surveillance of Identifying Vehicles Parked In No Parking

Submitted to:

  • Mr. Balmukund Mishra

Submitted By:

  1. Poonam Magadum
  2. Aryan Songira

Project Description

The abruptly increasing number of vehicles in the contemporary world has lead to the increase in the space for parking lots as well as the effort and resources are equipped for monitoring the parking lots. Illegal parking has resulted in modern day problems like traffic congestion, air-pollution and public safety. Vehicles parked in no parking area makes it difficult for vehicles to pass through the remaining road span and it disturbs the normal flow of traffic. Traditionally, the detection of illegal parking is achieved through manual inspection, which requires considerable human efforts from law enforcement and security personals. Our project is aimed at delivering a monitoring system that is capable of classifying whether the vehicle is parked in the parking lot or is parked in no parking area. It is based on real time parking classification through surveillance camera videos. We collected a dataset of 600 videos to train our model and give accurate predictions.

Project Poster

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