Role of UK and Industry Collaborators

UK Associate

  • UK partner will be providing Collaborative support in terms of Technical and Research aspects of the project. The expertise of the University in machine learning will help the project to design the content of the training.
  • UK Partner will also help in strategizing the growth of Research Groups in different Lead institutions through the team led by Project Director.
  • Depending on availability of funds Few people from the Lead institutions can visit UK for a wider discussion and can widen the collaboration in other areas and strengthen International Collaboration.
  • UK partner will be involved in Web calls for reviewing the progress of the Project through the Core team at Bennett University.

Industry Associate

  • Industry involvement in the project will help to keep the technical content of the workshops to the mark and Industry will be able to pin point any ongoing updation in the field.
  • Industry may be able to connect with this consortium of institutions for a win-win regarding their Intern or hiring requirements in this skill-scare domain.
  • Industry will support the project with few live projects to enrich the quality of the projects students are doing in the institutions.
  • Industry will get the promotions in all the communications, events, conferences, workshops of the project.
  • Industry will be expected to spare speakers/mentors based on mutual convenience and consent.
  • Industry will be able to associate with institutions for different technologies and products and may come up with special offers for the associated institutions.
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