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Director of NVIDIA-Bennett Research Lab for Artificial Intelligence.
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Coordinator, Product Development

He was a PostDoc Scholar at University of Kentucky, USA, Ph.D from IIT, Indore. He is in Editorial and Reviewing teams of different IEEE Transactions. He enjoys in bringing some of the research and project ideas to the product development by interfacing with hardware and IoT devices.

Project Manager

Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan is a Post-Doctoral Fellow @Bennett University. Formerly, he worked as a Research Officer in the Multimedia University, Malaysia where he was involved in the development of sentiment analysis and visualization tool for the Malay language for Telekom Malaysia. He works on Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing research problems.


Coordinator, Research Mentoring

He is B.Tech from IIT Madras, Ph.D. from IIT Delhi and Visiting faculty in Univ of Central Florida and Univ of Auckland. He specializes in Image and Video Processing applications of Machine Learning. He has collaborated with Univ of Oxford and Univ of Texas at Austin on International Projects. He will be mentoring some of the Research Groups of collaborator institutions.


Coordinator, Strategic Planning and Tie-ups

She is Author of Popular Book "Express Learning: Artificial Intelligence". She has many top grade publications to her credit including ACM Transactions on Knowledge discovery in Data. She is an active member of Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.


Coordinator, Professional Communications and Quality Assurance

He is PhD from NDSU, USA. He has done extensive work on cognitive Psychology in Software Engineering. He ensures Quality of work and has many best paper awards to his credit. He has also received Best Teacher Award.


Coordinator, Student Projects

He is a Gold Medalist and loves to work with students on their projects. With Many SCI indexed publications on his credit, he has more than 200+ citations in young age. He works in Machine Learning applications related to networks and optimization.


Project Lead

Dr. Vinit Jakhetiya has an extensive experience of international academic and industrial research. Vinit has pursued research in several countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and France. He was previously working for the Hong Kong SAR government as the Senior Scientist. He is an expert of Machine/Deep Learning and uses these tools for the purpose of designing algorithms of Computer Vision. His research has produced total of 9 high impact journals, including 5 IEEE Transactions.


Coordinator, International Collaborations

He did his B.Sc from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; Masters from POSTESH and PhD in knowledge and data engineering from Trinity College Dublin. He is a South Korea Citizen. He was a Leading IoT Cloud and applications R&D at Samsung and collaborated research on semantic data integration with Bell Lab and creating ICT converged services at ETRI.He was a visiting Professor in Mongolia International University.


Coordinator, Corporate and Executive Training

He is PhD from IIT Dhanbad and has a long experience of working at different positions in Infosys. He is certified on Cloudera for Apache Hadoop and also a Big Data Expert. His research areas include Computer Vision using Deep Neural Networks.


Coordinator, Upscaling and Fund Management

He is M.Tech and PhD from MNIT, Jaipur. He has served as Guest Faculty in IIIT Kota. He has been instrumental in developing Engineering Design Course at BU.His passion and commitment make him distinct.



He is Ph.D. from IIT Indore. He works on Application of Machine Learning in Psychology. He has published in top journals including IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics on Computing.


Coordinator, Audit, Assessment and Evaluation

She is PhD from IIT BHU, Varanasi. She works on Logic and its applications in Artificial Intelligence and has good publications including IEEE Transactions.


Coordinator, Event Planning and Organization

He is M.Tech. from RGPV, Bhopal and PhD from IIT Dhanbad. His Research area is Natural Language Processing and Internet of Things. Currently He has a funding related to creating an IoT application for girl safety.


Coordinator, Implementation and Review

He is Ph.D. from IIT Indore. He is workig on healthcare applications using Artificial Intelligence. One of his papers Titled as "Breast cancer diagnosis using Genetically Optimized Neural Network model" has good citations.

Dr. Talakokula Visalakshi


She is PhD in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi. She is working on health monitoring and assessment of civil material and structures using computational techniques of Machine Learning. She has won many best paper awards.

Dr. Joy Pal


He is M.Tech from IIT Guwahati and PhD from IIT Bombay. He works on Non-Destructive Evaluation of Structures using computational approaches and now trying to use Machine Learning for these problems.

Mr. Nandan Kumar

Coordinator, Online engagement

He is Web Manager. He is certified Php Full Stack Developer. He is creative and adapts to changing technology.

Dr. Souradyuti Ghosh


He is PhD from Johns Hopkin University and post doc from Cornell University. He works on detection of use of functional DNA sensors.


Lab Supervisor

He is MCA from Thapar University and works as Lab Supervisor.


Project Accounts

He is Lab Technician.

Dr. Prashant Singh Rana


He is M.Tech and PhD form ABV-IIITM Gwalior. He is a known expert in Machine Learning and works in the applications area of pharmacy, bioinformatics and finance.His recent project is on "SmartGlucoBinder: Design and Synthesis of Small Glucose Binder Molecule using Computational Intelligence Approach".

Dr. Rishabh Kaushal


He is MS from IIIT Hyderabad and completing PhD from IIIT Delhi. He works on security and privacy in online social media. He applies Machine Learning and NLP algorithms for different applications.

Dr. Hari Mohan Pandey


Currently Working as a researcher in Middlesex University, UK. He is currently working on Artificial Intelligence related application oriented research. He is on editorial board of different Journals.

Dr. Satyadhyan Chickerur


He is an instructor and Ambassador for NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Labs. He has been a Judge in ACM ICPC Competitions. His researh area is Deep Learning Applications using High Performance Computing. One of his recent publication is Titled as "3D Face Model Dataset:Automatic Detection of Facial Expressions and Emotions for Educational Environments".

Dr. Ketan Kotecha


He is M.Tech and PhD from IIT Bombay. His current Research interests are in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has published in reputed publications including IEEE Sensors and has a patent on unsupervised video surveillance system

Dr. Paresh Saxena


He is M.S. and PhD from UAB Barcelona, Spain. He is Senior Research Engineer in a reputed firm of Oslo, Norway. His research interests align well with some of the objectives of the initiative.

Dr. Sunil Jaiswal


He is PhD from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hongkong. Currently he is working in Germany on Vision and imaging applications.He has been a visiting researcher in Technicolor R&D, France, Stony Brook University, Korea and Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Dr. Sharath Chandra Guntuku


He is PhD from NTU, Singapore. Now he is a post doc Researcher in University of Pennsylvania, USA. He has been a Visiting Scholar in Panasonic R7D, Singapore. He works on Computational Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction.

Dr. Wilscy M


She is ME from IISc Bangalore and PhD from IIT Madras and currently Dean of Computer Science at SCE, Kerala. Her Research Interests are Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Vishal Arora


Vishal is a Principal Architect with Times Internet. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He works on cutting edge Deep learning projects in Advertising, Media and Publishing space.

Kundan Kumar


Kundan is a Big Data Lead at Times Internet and is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and was a visiting intern at Western Michigan University. He works on key projects of Media and Advertising in the Times Group related to Big Data and Deep Learning.

Dr. Neelam


She is PhD from IIT Guwahati. She is a recipient of INSPIRE Fellowship of Department of Science & Technology. She works on computational aspects of sloshing dynamics and Water wave mechanics.
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