AI and Deep Learning Workshop at VES Institute of Technology, Mumbai from February 16.2019 to February 18, 2019

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Asha B - V.E.S. Institute of Technology, Mumbai

2. Richa Sharma - V.E.S. Institute of Technology, Mumbai

3. Nikita R - V.E.S. Institute of Technology, Mumbai


Feedback from the participants

Anjali Yeole: It was very good. Need such more workshop

sujata khedkar: Excellent workshop on deep learning.

ashwini phalke: nill

Abha tewari: Must attend

vinita mishra: please attend it!!!!!!!

manisha joshi: it really helps for my research area

Dr, Abhijit Banubakode:

Harshali Patil: Excellent Workshop

xyz: definitly it will addon to your knowledge if you have background of deep learning.

Kader Shaikh: "Instructors have good domain knowledge. Suggestions for the research community is well accepted."

Vidya Zope: Looking for more such worshops

Ahlam Shakeel Ahmed Ansari: Do attend the workshop even if you are naive and want to dive into Deep Learning go for it.

Anushree Goud: More of practical knowledge

richa: content is good

Mannat Doultani: excellent hands on session must go

Sunita: Contents and coverage is good

Sangeetha Rajesh: This workshop is very informative and useful for beginners

Lifna C S: Yes interesting and fruitful lab sessions.

Ankit Hendre: It will be very helpful for me in my project work

komal ahuja: yes i will suggest to learn deep learning as ou cleared the doubts

Priya C: A very effective workshop..

Saiqa Khan: Practical exposure is the biggest motivation for future aspirants.

Mukesh Yadav: I really liked the enthusiasm and the energy of the speakers. Awesome content delivered.

Dr M. Vijayalakshmi: Very well designed. NVIDIA workshop was very interesting. Lab sessions very well managed

mansi khandekar: it helped alot for my academic project

Dr. Shalu Chopra: Yes it is good workshop, all deep learning enthusiasts must do it.

Nisha Vanjari: Workshop is excellent. Speakers are excellent but need to invest more days.

Shubhada Labde: Workshop is very good.

Harpreet Singh: It is good to join the course as it increases skills.

Sneha Sukheja: The workshop is worth attending.

Sujata Bhairnallykar: Very good experience must join

Rasika Patil: its realy informative

Asha Bharambe: Must Attend.

Deepa Honrao: Nicely organised

Jayshree Hajgude: Very good workshop.Must attend.


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Abha Tewari

2. Ahlam Ansari

3. Anjali Yeole

4. Ankit Hendre

5. Anuja Naik

6. Anushree Goud

7. Asha B

8. Ashwini Shankar Phalke

9. Deepa Rahul Honrao

10. Gurpreet Singh

11. Harpreet Singh

12. Harshali Patil

13. Jayashree Hajgude

14. Kachare Vrushali

15. Kader Basha Tajuddin Shaikh

16. Komal Ahuja

17. Lifna Jos

18. Mandar Mayekar

19. Manisha Joshi

20. Mansi Khandekar

21. Meenakshi Garg

22. Meghna Patil

23. Mukesh Yadav

24. Nisha Ameya Vanjari

25. Neha Rane

26. Nikhil Raje

27. Nikita R

28. Mannat Doultani

29. Priya Chandran

30. Rasika Gajendra Patil

31. Rasika Mallya

32. Richa Sharma

33. Rupesh Juyal

34. Saiqa Iqbal Khan

35. Sangeetha Rajesh

36. Shalu Chopra

37. Shubhada Sachin Labde

38. Sneha Sukheja

39. Sujata Khedkar

40. Sunita Sahu

41. Vidya Zope

42. Vijayalakshmi M

43. Vinita Mishra


How to reach can be found at
Additional Facilities
Lunch and snacks will be available for all participants without any cost. For any queries regarding the workshop

Name: Sunil Madnani
Phone: 9820569938
Overall Coordinator of the Workshop

Sangeeta Oswal
Vidya Pujari


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